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Willem Bilderdijk


Het allerdierbaarst goed

Is vrede van 't gemoed

In voor- en tegenspoed

De kunst der poëzie



Willem Bilderdijk (1756 – 1831)

Dutch poet and scholar, lawyer by profession.

In the Netherlands, he was a great personality in the spiritual and literary life, he was regarded as "the giant of literature" and the "first star in the poetic heaven. He was a transitional figure, born in a time of realism. Bilderdijkstraat was one of the first romantics. According Bilderdijkstraat poetry is "an outpouring of feeling."

At his death he left an oeuvre of 300,000 verses

In Amsterdam there at the VU University Amsterdam Bilderdijk Museum.

The Association "The Bilderdijk- Museum" was founded in 1908 to promote research on the person, the workplace and the environment of the poet and thinker Bilderdijkstraat.

Bilderdijk Hotel is located in the Bilderdijklaan, a street in the beautiful "belle epoque villa district" De Haan.

At regular intervals we stand still and we ask ourselves about the underlying meaning of something. Sometimes large, important events but of little things. Walking through the beautiful Belle Epoque district of De Haan, you have a beautiful flower box with the street name ornately painted on each corner of a street. Involuntarily, one wonders: that name, who or what is behind it?

Many street names in this area refer to artists from previous centuries. Whilst also names used by the royal family as well as names of intellectuals, philosophers, architects, ... .Why were those streets in the concession called exactly? Are they the product of a zeitgeist, a period in which they were popular?

The names recall in any case for special people who have had their influence on the big "history." Street names are assigned by the council. They are also often a topic of discussion. In these discussions, one can find a particular zeitgeist, a dominant culture.

Street names thus form part of our cultural heritage. They tell us a piece of history. Maybe it would be a good idea to mention briefly a notebook on the street name signs: "Poet ... ..tot ... ..

Bilderdijklaan is an honor to Willem Bilderdijk,  (1756 - 1831) Dutch poet and scholar.

Also many international colleagues Bilderdijkstraat also got a street name in our district:

Schillerlaan : German poet, playwright and philosopher (1759 - 1805)

Vondellaan : Dutch poet and playwright (1587 - 1679)

Cats (vaderCatslaan) : Dutch poet, lawyer and politician (1577-1660)

Guido Gezellelaan : Belgian priest, poet and linguist (1830 - 1899)

Shakespearelaan : English poet, playwright and actor (1564 - 1616)

Goethelaan - Goethehelling : German writer, poet, naturalist and statesman (1749 - 1832)

Camoeslaan : Portuguese poet (1524 - 1580)

Miltonlaan : English poet (1608 - 1674)

Dantelaan : Italian poet and writer (1265 - 1321)


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